Untapped Potential of Imperfect English

Does your company compete at full strength?

Why you may be sending your leaders into international markets without proper preparation.

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“Employees contribute to company growth when they are fully engaged and included in the diverse fabric of the organization.”

In less than 60 minutes, you will learn about:

...and it's totally free!

Acquiring a deep intercultural understanding, knowing the verbal and non-verbal cues of spoken English, is what gets organizations excited about playing on the global business stage. I can’t wait to get you there.
And there’s more…

Your company’s top line growth will be exponential with teams who learn to speak confidently using the English they already know.

In other words, I want to see true inclusive organizations where new hires are prepared to represent the company by speaking English confidently in all situations.

Companies where it will be safe for employees who have diverse language capacities to speak up. And with this profound change, companies will no longer have to waste their money on grammar  courses.

I know exactly how to do this!

Because stellar employees who don’t feel they measure up to interface with native English speakers can learn how to :

You have the opportunity of…

Creating alignment and inclusion in your company’s environment as it thrives in a global market

This learning won’t cost endless study hours, only the willingness to release the outdated need to fit “the mold" of perfect English.

It is crucial to recognize the difference between an employee being able to speak English and their confidence to express themselves with customers, investors, and other stakeholders in key discussions.

For both employee retention and company performance new solutions for lasting impact are available today.

Your employees need more than just additional language skills to succeed in their roles. I created a coaching program to address this gap and to fuel meaningful change in how linguistic bias is addressed in organization.

With a background in academia, business management, and coaching, I partner with individuals and organizations to help them compete on the global stage.

My coaching goes beyond teaching the English language because:

HR Leaders if you are sending local executives into foreign markets and you haven’t invested in intercultural language training you are running the risk of decreasing productivity and shattering careers

Your company aspires to grow internationally; leaders need to be and feel competent. They need to feel they can compete in the market, including in the way they communicate in the global business language.

Proper preparation requires the willingness to release the outdated need to fit “the mold of perfect English”.

This transformative educational experience goes beyond mastery of simple grammar and vocabulary skills.

Give yourself the confidence that you have prepared your leaders to read the cues of native English speakers, to excel in an international externally facing role.

Prepare your leaders to excel on the global business stage

A necessity, not a reward

You create a company culture of investing in your employee’s English as a necessity, not a reward. And ANYONE you ask can confidently represent your team to investors, customers and partners.

This is all far more critical than mastering simple grammar and vocabulary skills.

I am ready to teach you how to make a difference for your teams.  Will you be there?

*Central European Times

To Be Notified When the Webinar Starts
Employee-centric demands
Keeping your language training as usual may have been useful to your company in the past but it no longer serves the employee-centric demands of the 21st century:

“People who are open to growing their English offer tangible assets to their companies. Being open-minded about learning to navigate different situations helps the whole organization be more inclusive.”

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