Hello there! To help you be more daring I decided to start a blog for you. This series is called “Déclics” and through it I will share with you my journey through languages. I will tell you stories from my past that are close to my heart, tips, and much more. This will be our monthly appointment.

3 Reasons To Love English

You are a business executive with a solid technical experience. You get-by in English, in other words, you don’t hide from professional conversations in English

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Man ignoring bored woman

3 steps to converse

A lot of people worry about the start of a conversation, and I don’t blame them, because starting a conversation is no easy feat. Luckily,

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Girls talking

Conversation starters

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when we ask what the most complicated thing about a conversation is, most answer “the beginning” – that

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