How to achieve your goals in 21 days

Leonilda Renaldo

We can all agree that saying goodbye to 2020 was particularly momentous, especially considering we
left behind such a crushing year. Even more so unless you have been surrounded by people who,
despite everything, manage to find a silver lining even during the worst of times.

I was able to pull through thanks to a rewarding community life, yoga, podcasts, flexible clients,
friends and my family in order to develop my present treasures in life. LinkedIn also played a big part in expanding my horizons faced with a vast pool of close-knit professionals.

Admittedly, I am one of those people to whom 2020 has been good. The lessons learned in 2020 will always stay with me: learning to let go, prioritizing my well-being to better support my family and my clients, being more attentive, walking more. All in all, 2020 has been an informative one.

Nevertheless, to be sure to be able to turn the page properly, I gave myself one week to say goodbye to 2020. Applying the material and the mindsets I learned throughout the past year, I decided to build a central theme to center my 2021 around. It will become the reason behind my actions, the driver of my ideas that I will find again and again. The central theme will serve as a point of reference and

One word is enough to stay the course through thick and thin, to recognize the object of your desire, to demonstrate insight. Good resolutions are “so 2020.” Sometimes so unrealistic that you feel like you are losing before you can even start to play out your destiny.

From this practice, you will remember that by focusing on who you want to be you will change your perspective on the world. This is how you will reduce the gap in reaching your goals.

Here is a 3-word proposal that will guide your mindset and your plans in a promising direction
throughout the year:

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