Speak the language of the boardroom to get paid, promoted and recognised

Rosetta Stone won’t get you into the boardroom, we will!


Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a solid career, have been promoted, but suddenly feel like you reached a plateau.  
  • You have been successful and confident, you’ve gotten what you’ve asked for over time in your career, but now – in order to take the next step to having an externally facing role, you need solid English 
  • You are on the brink of a great position – but shy away from it because you are unsure if you can communicate as clearly and succinctly in English as you do in your mother tongue.  
  • You may use tactics to escape:  putting someone else to speak for you, or asking communication to be via email.  Avoid video conference and meetings  because you don’t want to look bad in front of peers, sound unintelligent, incompetent.  
  • You get lonely because you are embarrassed; this is something you don’t want to share with others, divulge this insecurity.  
  • Your biggest frustration is not being able to find the words – you know the words- but because of the stress, the words escape you. 
  • You then experience an emotional blockage.  This blockage keeps you from overcoming the obstacle – which is improving your English – and so the cycle continues again 


What if instead you...

  • Never let fear of failing to think on your feet stop you again.  
  • Never let fear of sounding incompetent due to poor vocabulary slow down your career options
  • Never miss out on opportunities and promotions for externally facing positions

In Boardroom English you will learn to

Think on your feet with agility and confidence to make the difference


Read the situations where boardroom English is spoken



Get promoted and/or increase your salary by 30%


Here's how it works:

Module 1: Assess

In this first step, we uncover where our body language betrays or boosts us. We take stock of your strengths, your goal and have a roadmap for how to get there.

  • How we voice what we want to express affects how well we communicate.  If we know where we are starting from we can make real, quantifiable progress.
Module 2: Anchor

This second step is all about anchoring short routines to make English part of our day, everyday.

  • Learning English doesn’t have to be a separate box of our lives that we open only to work or study. We create behaviours that will outlast the need to enforce a language skill, we do it because we want to not because we have to. 


Module 3: Adjust

In this third step we bring to the table situations where we want to articulate our ideas and opinions.

  • The client brings concrete examples where he or she can rewrite the story or unfolding of the event. It is at this step that we learn to bounce back from  mistakes.
Module 4: Acquire

In this final step we practice speaking with little or no preparation adapting to four different profiles of interlocutors (facilitating, dynamic, analytical, logical)

  • Clients learn the cues and codes of anglophone cultures, acquiring the ability to think quickly, clearly and with successful outcomes.

But don't take our word for it...

I had a clearly defined goal: improve my English for a new position that required speaking the language. Leonilda proposes to support business professionals to express themselves in English and gain confidence in speaking. The underlying problem was that I didn’t think I had the language skills to apply for jobs and do interviews in English. The most valuable aspect of working with Leonilda is the personalised support, and the positive energy to get ahead with our project.”

Leonilda is one of the best coaches you can get. Indeed, thanks to her, I was able to be more confident and manage to succeed in my job interview.  If you are feeling down she will have the power to motivate you thanks to her positivity and energy. If you are also in need of some advice to be more comfortable orally, Leonilda is the person you’ll need !” 


“I quickly improved my communication and writing skills thanks to her support, tips, and advises. Rule N1 when you are doing a presentation: What’s in it for them?  Your speech will have to answer this question all along it. In addition to her English coach skills, she irradiates constantly positive energy, creates good atmosphere and she is always enthusiastic. She is definitely the coach you need !”

“The atelier was an entirely original way of being able to think about ourselves and the difficulties that block us, in our case in speaking a new language, but it could be applied to all those situations in which we have a goal to achieve. It is really interesting how a series of arguments, one after the other, lead you to visualize the breaking down of the obstacles we have set ourselves. In addition, where Leonilda is, you can be sure that it will be a welcoming and nice experience.”

We also serve company needs

for impactful English in the workplace

How much is not daring to speak English costing your career?

It’s time to get promoted, paid and recognised

The strategy

A strategy in 3 steps is not for everyone

Only those who want to participate in decisive conversations that happen in the boardroom

A bold roadmap

Lifetime habits

Language agility

The Guide

I am the expert at teaching managers to think on their feet, get paid, promoted and recognised.

For 15 years managers across the Americas and Europe have trusted me to support them in leveraging their careers using English as their weapon.

As an award-winning public speaker, I am certified in teaching methods and emotional intelligence. It is high time non native speakers participated in decisive international conversations.

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Boardroom English

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Who is Boardroom

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get promoted to externally facing positions
speak confidently in boardroom situations

Boardroom English is:

Confidently speaking in all professional situations

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