Speak like a native, dare to use idioms

Leonilda Renaldo

Did you know that learning a language allows you to escape the gloom, gain confidence and take a step towards the other even with a mask?

If finding something positive during these trying times is more than you can bear, I invite you to do it in a foreign language, in English for example. To boost our immune system, there is nothing like a dose of “positive attitude”.

Do you remember the delicious feeling of mastering a vocabulary word in a foreign language, especially when you use it with native speakers?

Here are 3 expressions you can start using from now on to show that you are taking things in stride:
On the other hand, if you’re just not in the mood for being “Pollyanna” here are 3 other expressions:
With these idiomatic expressions, we leave the purely academic side and take an extra step into the language of the other person. We gain confidence in our professional or personal exchanges.

The only prerequisite to use these expressions is to dare to try them out.

This period invites us to come out of our isolation and enter into sharing. With LinkedIn we have the possibility to comment on publications in English in complete safety. Each action will give us the opportunity to boost our confidence in our ability to express ourselves, to strengthen our skills and our networks.

3 Reasons To Love English

You are a business executive with a solid technical experience. You get-by in English, in other words, you don’t hide from professional conversations in English

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