3 Reasons To Love English

Leonilda Renaldo

You are a business executive with a solid technical experience.

You get-by in English, in other words, you don’t hide from professional conversations in English but you fear rejection of your ideas and expertise, the fear of sounding unintelligent, the fear of missing opportunities and promotions for externally facing positions.

I am Leonilda Renaldo, founder of Leodynamics. While some played mom and dad or doctor, I could spend hours teaching. From my early years teaching has always lit me up, whether it was teaching my dolls or teaching my little cousins. I always found an excuse to gather people around and have something to teach. Learning yes, actioning the learning even better!

Fast forward a few decades, I’m teaching, coaching, providing an environment for business executives like yourself to flourish by communicating in international environments with confidence, clarity and conviction.

What does confidence, clarity and conviction mean for your career? It means 3 things are possible:

  1. You read the room, the codes, the body language in boardroom situations
  2. You gain recognition for your skills and valuable contributions 
  3. You get promoted and Increase your salary by 30% 

We give people the tools and skills to have confident conversations by learning in a culture where fun, clarity, transformation, inspiration, and tenacity are prevalent.

Here’s why it matters:

Fun environments invite to openness, easier to be vulnerable and bounce back from making mistakes

Inspiration because nothing is more powerful than an inspired leader. We ourselves get inspired by the goals you manage to reach for yourselves

Clarity because our aim is to help you business executive to speak clearly with clear and attainable goals

Transformation because we are about transforming how the world looks at imperfect language and its our goals to help you transform how you navigate in that world 

Tenacity to do the hard work and show up because you know you are worth your dreams and the world is going to see you. 

A result of this learning culture is Marion (watch her testimonial here). She made the decision to walk towards her dream job by merging her nursing and sales experience to end up with a world-leading provider in wound care where she will use English and French. She didn’t think she was capable because she felt her English was too elementary to interview in English. She transformed her fear of sounding unintelligent to embracing a promising externally facing career. 

“Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead” – Nelson Mandela

I know that as Marion starts her dream job this month, she will take the time to celebrate (fun) the astounding milestone she has reached (inspiration) and that as she is on this road she sees how (tenacity) is (transforming) the way she sees her present and future.

If you are done with hiding from Barbara the Canadian colleague and want to transform the way you navigate your career, send me a message here contact@leonildarenaldo.com

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